Firstly, before you enter the premise you need to make sure you are properly protected from the potentially dangerous biohazards, chemicals, bacteria, mould from the floodwaters (refer to our “What is mould?” document to learn more).

So what products are effective to kill mould?

Vinegar • Hydrogen peroxide • Clove Oil • Tea Tree Oil • Thieves Oil

These products are a great way to kill mould on top of a surface and are relatively cheap and readily available. The only downside with these products is even though they are effective, once they dry out, they can be either blown or wiped off the surface and allow for the mould under the surface to grow back through (refer to our “What is mould?” document for more information).

Forcefield is very different

Once Forcefield Mould Killer + Protector is sprayed onto a surface it binds to the surface and creates a “mould forcefield” stopping the mould from growing back into the room.

Forcefield Mould Killer + Protector has been laboratory tested in Aus and the UK. Forcefield is the ONLY product in Australia that kills >99.99% of germs, bacteria and mould for up to 12 months after a single application. Once applied to a surface and dried you can rapidly and regularly test the Forcefield treated surface as a guide to when you need to reapply. See below.


How do I book a Forcefield Fogging treatment?

We have a large network of local service providers that complete a Forcefield Fogging treatment for you. Reach out to us via social media, our website booking form, or contact us directly and we can arrange it for you.