Forcefield is a quick and effective way to disinfect all surfaces, creating a “germ Forcefield“ that keeps working 24/7 and kills 99,99%
of germs, mould and COVID-19.

Forcefield Treatments

Are a effective and non-invasive way to long-term protect
a whole indoor area against germs,
mould and COVID-19.

A Forcefield treatment of a furnished office or home, generally takes less than an hour to complete and ready to reoccupy.

A Forcefield treatments objective is to provide a safe occupied space and give you time to assess whether further works are needed e.g. a mould remediation, fix water leaks or repair structural damages

The treatment is safe on all surfaces e.g. timbers, gyprock material including wool, silk, leather or synthetic fabrics.

Watch our video to see how a Forcefield treatment is completed.

What is a Forcefield treatment and what does it involve?

A Forcefield Treatment for germs, mould or COVID-19 is a fast and effective way to disinfectant a total indoor environment and offer ongoing 24/7 protection for up to 30 days from COVID-19 or 12 months from Mould. Check out this short demonstration video of a Forcefield Treatment  Forcefield - Fogging introduction - YouTube

Can I be in the house during a treatment?

You will need to be out of the house for approximately one hour, depending on house size. The service provider will be finely atomising Forcefield through your whole property, similar to a fumigation treatment. Disinfectants should not be inhaled or consumed, no matter how safe it is.

How long will the treatment last?

A COVID treatment can last up to 30 days and a mould treatment 12 months on low-touch surfaces when using best practices.
After a Forcefield treatment, we recommend that you use Forcefield products or water and a damp cloth for your daily cleaning and not use bleach or alcohol-based cleaners as they may remove the Forcefield protection prematurely. You can also regularly test surfaces with the Forcefield Test Strip | Forcefield as a guide to when reapplication is required.

This can also vary between different buildings due to issues with ventilation, moisture, trees, dehumidifiers and air-con systems. If you believe you have any of these issues, you should consult with a building biologist.

Is a treatment of my home safe if I have children and pets?

Yes. Once the treatment has been completed, it strongly binds with the surface, is non-leaching and isn’t removed easily.

While a treatment is being completed all people and pets need to be vacant of the area. If they cannot e.g. fish/reptile tanks, they will be properly covered by the service provider prior to starting.

I have mould in one room. Can I just have one room treated?

Even though mould may only be visible in one room now, it is highly likely that mould spores have travelled to other areas of your property to start a problem elsewhere.

Mould spores travel easily with any movement in the air, e.g. wind, fans, people walking past. We always recommend that if mould is visible to treat the whole property so the problem doesn’t start elsewhere.

Will Forcefield remove mould staining?

Forcefield can reduce the visual effects of mould, but if the mould has grown through the surface because of for example a roof leak, Forcefield won’t remove the staining.
If the mould stained material is not structurally damaged, we recommend painting over the affected area. When the paint dries apply another coating of Forcefield on the area, this will leave a protective layer under the new paint and on top.

Can Forcefield be used on clothing and accessories?

Yes, Forcefield has shown to be highly effective on all fabrics and leathers. You can even add Forcefield as a rinse aid within your washing machine to treat and protect your clothing.  Use 50mls for a 4kg or smaller machine and 100mls for a 5kg or larger machine.

Can you treat under my house?

Yes, as long as there is space to walk under the house. Unfortunately, we do not treat in crawl spaces.

Can you use Forcefield on windows?

Yes, use as if you would a normal spray and wipe product. When Forcefield dries if there are runs on the glass, spray the run with more Forcefield leave for 20 seconds and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.

What is the difference with preventative and existing mould?

Preventing mould is a lot easier to achieve than decontaminating an existing mould issue.
Visible mould normally has grown within the surface it’s on, for example, timber, gyprock and concrete. Once the mould is within the surface, unless the material it is growing in is removed and replaced, all you can do is kill what is on the surface and protect against what is below.
Under optimal moisture and ventilation conditions, this may be enough to stop the mould from coming back. For more information about mould check out our articles HERE.

My carpet is wet from an ongoing leak. Will a mould treatment help?

Forcefield will help reduce the spread of any mould and kill what is on the surface. The water leak problem needs to be resolved and retreated with Forcefield to fully stop any further issues.

Where can I get information on mould testing?

If you are wanting to know the species of mould in your property, you can order testing samples to do yourself or arrange to have someone do the testing for you. Typically DIY testing will cost $100 - $200 at minimum for 2-3 samples which you send to a mycologist company e.g. Eurofins. To have an expert conduct the tests for you starts at $300-$500 minimum. Although it is good to have the knowledge of what type of mould is in your property, we believe any visible mould contamination within a property is not a good thing and should be treated no matter the species.

Can I cancel or rebook my appointment?

Yes, if your circumstances have changed and no longer need your Forcefield treatment completed.

We are happy to offer you a 100% refund, minus booking card fees, if you notify us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
If you notify us within 12-48 hours of the appointment, we are happy to rebook your appointment or give you a 75% refund.

No refunds will be given when cancelling within 12 hours. We are happy to rebook your appointment however there may be a rebooking fee at Forcefields discretion.

If the Service provider arrives at the property and no one is at the property and cannot contact the listed contact. Forcefield reserves the right to not offer a refund and at Forcefield’s discretion whether to offer the options to rebook the appointment.

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