Forcefield Test Strip


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Forcefield Test Strip. Forcefield Nano Technology leaves a lasting protection on surfaces for you to easily and cost effectively test for Forcefield’s activity in seconds. Testing the treated surface using a “Quat Check” litmus paper is an accurate guide for when to reapply Forcefield 4 in 1 + Protector for full 24/7 protection. It’s simple…. and only costs cents per test!

Come back a day, week or month later and lightly dampen the surface with water, then lightly rub a small strip of the test strip on the hydrated surface. The colour indicator on the test strip case indicates the strength of the product on the surface. Light green / 400ppm is the target level for full protection, if the reading is orange / brown <400ppm the surface requires another treatment with Forcefield.

Each roll contains 4.5m of test strip which gives you up to 1500 tests per roll


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