Forcefield Fogging Treatment

Traditionally disinfectants don’t offer any lasting protection, Forcefield’s Mould Killer + Protector is unique as it is the only product that keeps working 24/7 keeping surfaces protected from germs, bacteria and mould for up to 12 months after a single application.

How does it work?

How most disinfectants work is by poisoning the bacteria, mould. Forcefield is very different, as it works by physically killing the organism. Under a microscope our product looks like thousands of tiny balls with spikes coming off them, and when an organism lands on the surface it pops like a balloon. This also does not allow the organism to adapt to our product and create “superbugs” like standard poisoning disinfectants do.

You can also rapidly test the Forcefield treated surface as a guide to when to reapply. Below is a brief video on how to test a Forcefield treated surface

Mould Killer + Protector

What is a Forcefield Fogging Treatment?

A Forcefield Fogging treatment is where we treat all internal surfaces with Forcefield, which creates a “germ forcefield” that leaves the indoor area safe to reoccupy and gives you the time to consult with your mould remediator, builder or insurance companies, as to whether any further action is required.

Below is a brief video on a Forcefield Fogging treatment.

How long does it take and do I need to do anything?

The process is very quick, our service providers can complete a full treatment of a home within 45mins. All they need to complete a treatment for you, is full access to all rooms, all exposed food put away or removed and leave all internal doors and cupboards open. Once the treatment is complete, leave the space to sit for 30mins for the product to dry and do its magic. Then open all doors and windows to let the space air out. That’s it!

How do I book a Forcefield Fogging treatment?

We have a large network of local service providers that complete a Forcefield Fogging treatment for you. Reach out to us via social media, our website booking form, or contact us directly and we can arrange it for you.