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Please Note: Bookings are subject to change should there be any unforeseen circumstances.

Thank you for booking a mould treatment with Forcefield.
You shall receive a confirmation email with the details of your booking.
We look forward to making your home mould-free.
See you soon!

Here are a few useful steps you can take, prior to the fogging treatment, which will ensure the process is completed smoothly with as little disruption to your household as possible.

To be prepared for your treatment:

1.   Make sure all open (unpackaged) food is placed in the fridge or a sealed container.

2.   Place light and fragile items in a safe place e.g. in bedside draw or pantry.

3.   Open all cupboards and wardrobes.

4.   Close all external windows and doors.

5.   Remove all clutter and rubbish.

6.   Move furniture off walls (if possible)

7.   Remove all pets from inside (aquariums will be covered by the technician)

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