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The ONLY disinfectant that protects 24/7 against germs, bacteria & mould for up to 12 months & COVID-19 for up to 30 days

Meet Brett, Founder & CEO

Brett has been actively involved in mould remediation and commercial HVAC hygiene and mould remediation industry for 12 years. His career in commercial HVAC Hygiene began in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and gained momentum when he and his family created a company called Ducted Air Solutions, a precursor to Forcefield.

Ducted Air Solutions was focused on providing cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products with long-lasting results for their hospital and commercial clients, but efforts to find a product that ticked all boxes proved elusive.  That is when Brett and his team took it upon themselves to research alternatives.

Researching Better Cleaning Solutions

Brett’s team found information on a formula that was developed for NASA in the 1960s. The original technology was developed to have long-term protection against bacteria and viruses, to treat the shuttles before the launch, with the objective of creating a germ “forcefield” for the length of the mission.

The problem for Ducted Air Solutions was the formula was suspended in an alcohol solution and only had one active killing ingredient not specific for mould and was not conducive to cleaning mouldy hospital HVAC systems.

Brett researched alternatives consulting with high-level industrial chemists and within twelve months, they had further developed the technology. This included the formula being a low-toxicity, water-based, broad-spectrum disinfectant with superior efficacy against mould with the ability to bind to all surfaces and offering long-term ongoing protection.

The Winning Formula For  Superior Protection

Ducted Air Solutions commenced using the product in large hospital ducted HVAC systems within Australia with great success and feedback.

2017 gave birth to the now known Forcefield Fogging Procedure and Forcefield 4 in 1 + Protector. In the same year, floods occurred throughout Queensland and New South Wales, and Brett saw an opportunity to offer immediate help to those affected by post-flood bacterial and mould spore contamination with his disinfectant and mould prevention formulation.

Brett took the now known Forcefield 4 in 1 + Protector with a fogging machine to his home town and was able to treat 157 homes, shops, schools, churches and offices over nine days. The formulation was a tremendous success, keeping homes and buildings mould-free and long term protected.

Traditional disinfectants don’t offer lasting protection. Forcefield offers superior protection against Bacteria, Staph, Mould & COVID

Lasting Protection

24/7 protection against germs, bacteria & mould for up to 12 months & COVID-19 for up to 30 days


Forcefield is up to 720 x more cost effective compared to traditional disinfectants and sanitisers.

Environmentally responsible

Forcefield is water based, VOC free and bio-degradable. 

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