30 Day 24/7 Covid Protection



The only product to be a TGA listed disinfectant offering up to 30 days protection against bacteria, mould & COVID

Traditional disinfectants don’t offer lasting protection.
Forcefield offers  
30 Day, 24/7 Protection against Bacteria, Staph, Mould & COVID

Lasting Protection

24/7 active surface protection against bacteria, mould and COVID for up to 30 days


Forcefield is up to 720 x more cost effective compared to traditional disinfectants and sanitisers.

Environmentally responsible

Forcefield is water based, VOC free and bio-degradable. 

Disinfectant & Sanitising Products

Protection you can test for

Forcefield leaves a lasting protection on surfaces you can easily and cost effectively test in seconds. Testing the treated surface gives you peace of mind that you are still protected, and is an accurate guide for when to reapply Forcefield for full 24/7 protection.
It’s simple…. and only costs cents per test!


Forcefield’s benefits

30 day, 24/7 active surface protection minimising the spread of bacteria, mould and COVID

Up to 720 x more cost effective compared to traditional disinfectants

Fast and effective treatments for complete area protection

QA testing costs approx. 2 cents per test and seconds to complete

Works in synergy with standard cleaning procedures

Is non-leaching and non-flammable

Is environmentally responsible

Why Choose Forcefield

Australia owned and made

Cost-effective solutions

Only company able to offer 30 day 24/7 protection


COVID task forces, Offices, Public buildings, Government buildings & vehicles


COVID task forces, buildings, all vehicles, soldier ration packs


Infection control, Hospitals, Practitioner clinics, Aged care facilities

Public Transport

Buses, Trains, Ferries, Taxi / Cab, Uber

Office buildings

All occupied spaces and HVAC systems

Hospitality facilities

Restaurants, Cafes, Pub, Clubs and Cinemas

Education facilities

Universities, Technical Colleges, Public and Private Schools

Logistics and packing facilities

All occupied spaces, Cold room treatment, Processing areas

Shopping centres

All occupied spaces and HVAC systems


Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks, Hostels

Domestic homes

All occupied spaces and HVAC systems

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